“Somewhere… and More” Is NOW AVAILABLE

It’s finally here. "Somewhere... and More" coverSomewhere… and More: The Lyrics of J.M. Hardin is now available for purchase and immediate download.

For those who don’t know, about a decade ago I wrote a Christian short story called He’s With the Band, the tale of a song writing sound guy who’s finally giving in to pressure from the band he works for and some friends and is finally making demos of his songs and seeing what he can do with them. Along the way he meets a young woman who he thinks is just a fan of the band but who’s been wanting to meet him. In the story are some of the words to three of the songs I’d written, and with the release Somewhere… and More I’m publishing the complete lyrics to not only those three songs but to eight other songs I’ve written since moving to Boston in 1989. While the new ebook is a book of song lyrics I’m marketing it as a book of poetry, and I really hope that my lyrics are good enough that you’ll enjoy them without the music. more ““Somewhere… and More” Is NOW AVAILABLE”