My new most favorite quote? Of course it’s from AFP.

A couple of days ago I got an email from my hero, Amanda Freaking Palmer, and she gave us an update on the book she’s written. In the post is a link to a story about making the cover and she said something that may be my newest favorite quote:

i asked a friend of mine who writes REAL books about this feeling and he said: yes, that’s why i can’t stop writing books. so books are crack, basically. that’s nice to know.

Books are crack. I can dig it, which may explain why I hate having to admit that I haven’t done anything new lately on the rewrite of He’s With the Band. (The quote came from here but I have to warn you that the images in the post are not all safe for work [they get NSFW in other words].)

I have a new scene that I started working on longhand and I just discovered that it never did get typed up. I”ll see about bringing the notebook in tomorrow and typing it up so I can see about getting you all a preview of what’s coming. That is it’s coming if I can ever get it finished. *g*

Have a great weekend, y’all. I’ll try to have something new for you guys (and gals) to read soon, even if it’s just a sneak preview of the HWTB rewrite.