This site has a new identity

As you probably noticed the site is no longer called Words from an Author. This is because I haven’t been doing much writing in a while and it felt wrong to have a site about my writing that isn’t getting written.

The site is now a more general site as I look at both my real life and my adventures in the virtual world Second Life (SL). You’ll still see my updates about life as a trans woman, but I’ll probably be posting more about SL. You can still find my ebooks in the menu at the top of the page, and who knows, there may be an addition to my books at some point.

I’ve also changed the theme for the site, and I may change it again if I find a theme I like better. What won’t change? The URL for the site. It’ll still be I hope you stick around.

Au revoir, WBZ News

When I moved to Boston from New Orleans almost 30 years ago one of the things I had to do was find a local tv station to get my news from. After checking out the options I ended up going with WBZ, the local CBS affiliate. The fact that I watched the news on the CBS affiliate back in New Orleans may have helped, but mostly it was the fact that I liked how WBZ presented the news, both in content and in the anchors and reporters.

But over the last three months or so, I started to become dissatisfied with the WBZ news, mostly because of how many times the news got delayed or flat-out preempted by sporting events on the weekend. Part of it was due to all the coverage of the New England Patriots, a team I’m sick of hearing about in a sport I couldn’t care less about. Yes, WBZ is the official broadcast partnerĀ of the Patriots, but while some folks I know refuse to watch the WBZ News because of that fact, I preferred WBZ’s news in spite of it. more “Au revoir, WBZ News”